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We engage with the WHO Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Framework to foster the development and access to vaccines. Recognized by US FDA and the EU, we tackle health challenges by leveraging our high standards of quality.

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14 May. 2024

Adimmune Signs SMTA2 with WHO

Adimmune Corporation (TWSE: 4142) announced that, following years of negotiation, Adimmune and World Health Organization (WHO) have concluded the SMTA2 (Standard Material Transfer Agreement 2) under the Pandemic Influenza Preparedness (PIP) Framework. The SMTA2 ensures that, in the event of an influenza pandemic, the partner influenza vaccine manufacturers or pharmaceutical companies can access the virus strains from WHO to promptly develop the pandemic influenza vaccine or antiviral drugs in response. In exchange, Adimmune is obligated to donate and reserve a percentage of its newly developed pandemic influenza vaccines production for WHO to address the global pandemic and fulfill Adimmune’s commitments and obligations under the SMTA2.

26 Dec. 2023

Adimmune Broadens Market Reach for Flu Vaccine, Initiates New CDMO Ventures in 2024

Adimmune Corporation (TWSE: 4142) announced during the institutional investor conference today that Adimmune has submitted the application for marketing authorization of its quadrivalent influenza vaccine to Brazilian ANVISA in November, marking its official initiation for entry into the Southern Hemisphere’s influenza market. Another significant development is that Adimmune has successfully resumed production of its tetanus vaccine in Taiwan, and the supply has generated positive reception in the domestic market. The demand of tetanus vaccine is also strong in Southeast Asia and China, and Adimmune may anticipate a promising leap in export sales once the tetanus vaccine is approved in those markets. Building on its current CDMO performance, Adimmune foresees expanding partnership with bio-pharmaceutical manufacturers in Korea and France and expects to realize substantial growth in 2024.

24 Oct. 2023

Adimmune’s Tetanus Vaccine Set to Re-launce by Year’s End

Adimmune Corporation (TWSE: 4142) today announced that the Company has successfully extended the marketing authorization for its tetanus vaccine and is prepared to commence the steady supply of no less than one million doses annually for the domestic market in Taiwan as early as November 2023.