Adimmune’s August Revenue Grows 40% with A Boost from New Production Line Launch

Adimmune Corporation (TPE 4142) announced the revenue for August 2021 at TWD 236 million, a 40.11% growth from August 2020. Thanks to the optimization of production scheduling and the completion of the second automated fill and finish line, the timelines for releasing influenza vaccines to Protein Sciences (a US company acquired by Sanofi) and China were both moved forward to August, which contributed a 40% growth in revenue for August from the same month last year.

The company reports that early in August, the second automatic aseptic fill and finish line for prefilled syringe has received the GMP certification from Taiwan Food and Drug Administration, and is qualified for the production of Adimmune’s quadrivalent influenza vaccine. To protect the public health in Taiwan, the public tender influenza vaccine this year will be released and shipped by the end of September as scheduled and being administered from early October, as the government announced. It is estimated that the shipments will be completed before the end of this year. Meanwhile, Adimmune continued to expand its global market for influenza vaccine, receiving orders from China, Thailand, and Europe, among which China ordered 1.5 million doses, a fivefold increase from last year. Adimmune’s international orders reflect a continuing growth trend.

Upon the launch of the second line, the total fill and finish capacity of Adimmune reaches 100 million doses per year, five times of its previous capacity. With the increased capacity, continuing optimization of production scheduling in recent years as well as the implementation of planned manufacturing, Adimmune has reinforced its competitive advantages in international CDMO services and is moving forward its strategic objective of becoming one of the world class biopharmaceutical companies.

In addition to the products currently on the market, Adimmune is actively developing biologics CDMO services, including monoclonal antibody drugs, enoxaparin, and an injection solution for macular degeneration. The production scheduling of new production line is quickly being filled by several international orders. Upon completing inspections and receiving the GMP certifications from EMA and USFDA, it is expected that the second fill and finish line utilization may be expected to approach its full capacity in another two years. Adimmune is already planning on constructing two more fill and finish lines at selected new sites both in Taiwan and abroad to better align with the future market demands.