Adimmune Corporation successfully bid for the procurement of public tender seasonal influenza vaccines, continues its global market expansion

Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC) of Ministry of Health and Welfare announced today that Adimmune Corporation (4142) has successfully bid for the public procurement, with a contract value of TWD 885,180,000, for 3.68 million doses of public tender quadrivalent influenza vaccines, which accounts for nearly 60% of the entire government procurement this year. In addition to meeting the domestic demand for influenza vaccines, Adimmune is endeavoring to secure orders from Thailand, China, and Europe. It is estimated that Adimmune’s total influenza vaccine orders this year will suppress that of last year.

CDC procured 6.32 million doses of public tender influenza vaccines this year and Adimmune successfully bid for 3.68 million doses, nearly 60%. To ensure the best protection against an epidemic, Adimmune is to provide 100,000~150,000 doses of quadrivalent influenza vaccines for people the private sector.

The public’s willingness to be vaccinated against influenza increased last year due to the outbreak of COVID-19, and the vaccines were once in short supply. It is expected that the continuing pandemic will stimulate the global demand for influenza vaccines this year. Adimmune pointed out that the company’s current manufacturing capacity for influenza vaccines is up to eight million doses a year, sufficient for the market demand. With the objective to expand the capacity to 15 million doses a year, the company is to purchase more of embryo eggs and to move the timeline for influenza vaccine antigen manufacture forward for each year, along with readjustment of the production lines and workers.

As for overseas orders, on top of the influenza vaccine orders from Thailand, China, and Europe last year, additional orders from other countries are under discussion. It is estimated that the supply for domestic and global demand for influenza vaccines will grow from last year. Taiwan’s vaccine industry is expanding its global market.