Prepared for the international markets Adimmune Biotech Corporation appointed Dr. Chun Cheng Chen as the Chief Medical Officer

Adimmune Biotech Corporation(4142) announced today, beginning January 2021
Dr. Chun Cheng Chen has been appointed as the Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Chen was in charge of the Global Innovation and Oncology Clinical Development at Pfizer. Adimmune highly regarded Dr. Chen’s experiences in large-scale clinical test projects and in working at an international renown pharmaceutical company. His getting on board would jumpstart Adimmune’s plan in expanding to the international markets.
Dr. Chen graduated from the School of Medicine of China Medical University. He was the Director of the Psychiatric Department and Clinical Test Center at the Tainan Cheng Kung University.

He was the first psychiatric professional from Taiwan to be employed by a major international pharmaceutical company. He had ten years experience working at the R&D Center at Phfizer’s head office. He was responsible for Pfizer’s Clinical Test Center in the Western 13 States of the United States, as well as in Asia. He was in charge of developing new drugs for Alzeimers. His experiences in clinical tests is unparalleled. 

Adimmune regards this appointment an important step towards globalization. Mr. Chen’s knowledge in international laws and expertise in large-scale clinical tests would help marketing  Adimmune’s COVID-19 vaccine and other products to international markets.