Adimmune Biotech Corporation’s COVID-19 vaccine entered the human clinical test phase. Taiwan’s unlocking from the epidemic is to be expected in the near future

Adimmune Biotech Corporation’s(4142) COVID-19 vaccine entered Phase 1 human clinical test this week, placing the company in the top 20% of its international competitors. If Phase 1 clinical test goes smoothly, it would enter Phase 2 in November. Adimmune is working with the government on regulations and preventive requirements in order to mass-produce the COVID-19 vaccine.  The company anticipates to supply the vaccine nationwide by mid next year. Hopefully by then the citizens of Taiwan would enjoy the fruit of Adimmune’s advanced deployment and be relieved from the epidemic.

The Phase 1 human clinical experiment that Adimmune worked on with the Infectious Diseases Department of the National Taiwan University Hospital, has been submitted to the National Taiwan University Hospital. The experiment is led by Professor Shang Chun Chang. The target clinical test candidates will be 70 healthy adults aged between  20 and 60. Adimmune will work closely with the Food and Drug Administration on the following Phase 2 and 3 clinical experiments. Once the Phase 1 clinical test passes the safety test, it’s expected to enter Phase 2 test and mass production can begin by year end.

Since the 2009 H1N1 virus outbreak til the recent 2020 Covid-19 epidemic, Adimmune has worked tirelessly on vaccine research and development. As early as five years ago the company, in response to new strands of virus, invested in recombinant protein R&D technology platform. Through its continuous efforts in R&D and manufacturing, Adimmune’s technology platform has matured and advanced. This year from COVID-19 vaccine’s R&D to the clinical test, Adimmune once proved the company’s capabilities. The company’s international visibility has increased; many countries are now inquiring about the vaccine production plans and follow-ups.

Moving forward, Adimmune plans to work closely with the Taiwan government to fight against the COVID-19 epidemic. It will continue to work together with domestic partners in manufacturing the vaccine. Adimmune will expand its assembly lines to meet both 
domestic and overseas needs of the vaccine. The company anticipates success both locally and globally and becomes the leader and pioneer in the vaccine industry.