Adimmune Biotech Corporation signed a $4.2 billion syndicated loan agreement, the sufficient funds would invigorate the company’s future business expansion

Adimmune Biotech Corporation(4142) secured a $4.2 billion syndicated loan today. Adimmune Chairman & CEO Chi Hsien Chan and Land Bank of Taiwan’s General Manager Chuan Chuan Hsieh co-signed a joint credit agreement. By investing in  business operations, manufacturing equipment and overseas marketing, the loan enhanced the prospect of the company’s future expansion and its international market share.

This syndicated loan was sponsored and planned by Land Bank of Taiwan, and joined by First Bank, Mega Bank, Taiwan Business Bank, Agriculture Bank of Taiwan, Bank of Panshin, Taichung Commercial Bank, Chang Hwa Bank, and Taiwan Cooperative Bank. The oversubscription was 124%, which indicated the financial communities’ confidence in Adimmune’s solid long term performance.

Adimmune was founded in 1965, it is the only influenza vaccine manufacturer with both EU GMP and USA FDA certification in Asia, as well as the only PIC/S GM manufacturer of human vaccines in Taiwan.

Adimmune has been a reliable supplier of vaccines to Taiwan’s domestic market, meanwhile  investing substantial R&D resources in the development of new vaccines and acquiring marketing authorizations in the international markets. In recent years it worked with Protein Sciences Corporations and successfully commercialized its recombinant protein tetravalent influenza vaccine in the United States. It also joined forces with Shenzhen Techdow Pharm Co.,Ltd., and introduced low-molecular enoxaparin sodium to the European market.

This year Adimmune has made concrete progress in developing the COVID-19 vaccine. It has actively worked with the National Health Institutes to expedite its vaccine research and development, moving towards its goal in national epidemic prevention and Taiwan as the first recipient  of the vaccine.