Adimmune Biotech Corporation applied permit for COVID-19 vaccine human clinical experiment

Adimmune Biotech Corporation(4142) held its 2020 shareholders meeting today. In the meeting it passed the Independent Board Director By-election proposal. Professor Yong Sheng Hsu of the Accounting Department of Chung Hsing University was elected the Independent Board Director. Adimmune Chairman & CEO Chi Shien Jan announced in the shareholders meeting that the company has applied for the permit for COVID-19 vaccine human clinical test. If all goes well it will start accepting subjects in August.

Adimmune held a shareholders meeting today to report on the progress of the COVOD-19 vaccine development. The project has received much attention from various sectors. In addition to animal toxicological experiments and anti-rivus reactions, Adimmune has produced a small batch of COVID-19 vaccine for clinical test use. Last week Adimmune delivered its Phase 1 COVID-19 vaccine human clinical experiment application to the Food and Drug Administration of the Ministry of Health and Welfare. Once approved, the vaccine would move forward to human clinical tests.