During a visit to Adimmune Biotech Corporation(4142), Executive Yuan Premier Cheng Chang Su expressed his high expectations for the company’s success in developing the COVID-19 vaccine

Today, the Executive Yuan Premier Cheng Chang Su and his administrative team visited Adimmune Biotech Corporation(4142). Premier Su announced that the Taiwan government and its citizens’ concerted effort in preventing COVID-19 epidemic has been widely recognized and affirmed worldwide. The government’s bailing out and economic revitalization packages were in place and moving forward. The sooner the introduction of the vaccine the sooner the dismissal of skepticism, and fulfil the needs of the general public. Premier Su was optimistic about Taiwan’s abilities in developing and producing the COVID-19 vaccine. He believed that it would be as successful as Taiwan’s effort in preventing the epidemic. 

Premier Su further pointed out, since Taiwan’s achievement in preventing COVID-19 was recognized and praised by the international community,  the next important step is to develop the medicine and the vaccine. Adimmune Biotech Corporation has been a reputable company in medicine and vaccine. Premier Su made this special appearance to deliver his appreciation and encouragement to Adimmune Chairman & CEO Chi Hsien Chan and the entire crew.

Regarding the company’s proposal on vaccine human clinical tests, Premier Su reported that he has been briefed in the Executive Yuan. He pointed out that the clinical test requires the utmost professionalism and careful execution. It demands close cooperation between the company and the government. Thanks to Chairman & CEO Chen’s experience working in the government, he is familiar with the government's strict rules and regulations regarding medicine and vaccines. 

Premier Su believed Adimmune is making the best effort in successfully producing the vaccine, and promised the government will be committed to work closely with the company in regard to laws, regulations and production procedures. Furthermore, President Ying Wen Tsai has instructed to offer financial assistance.

Vice Premier  Chi Mai Chen added that regarding the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), he expected to make the law more comprehensive working closely with potential 
manufacturers.  This would help meeting the requirements of mass production and pave the path for advance deployment in global supply of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Vice Premier Chen further pointed out, there are many risks between stages of clinical experiments, animal experiments, human experiments and the final production, the Executive Yuan’s position in the vaccine policy would be to reward and compensate the manufacturers in these various stages. On the one hand, lowering the manufacturers’ risks; on the other hand, establishing large-scale vaccine manufacturers.

Adimmune Biotech Cooperation(4142) has been a leading vaccine manufacturer in Taiwan. The company has had many medical research breakthroughs and owned numerous patterns. In light of the serious impact of COVID-19 on public health and the economics, Vice Premier Chen encouraged Adimmune to step up and set goals to mass produce the vaccine by the end of 2021/Spring 2022. The Vice Premier thanked Chairman & CEO Chi-Hsien Chan and his staff for their efforts in preventing the epidemic since its outbreak.

Photo: Accompanied by Adimmune Biotech Corperation’s Chairman & CEO Chi Hsien Chan and other executives, Executive Yuan Premier Cheng Chang Su visited Adimmune’s influenza factory and photographed with the workers.