Adimmune visited by Executive Yuan, promises to deliver COVID-19 vaccine

Adimmune Biotech Corporation(4142), today welcomed the science and technology disease prevention team from Executive Yuan lead by Executive Yuan Vice Premier Chen Chi-mai, with members including Minister without Portfolio Wu Zhengzhong, Ministry of Health and Welfare minister Chen Shizhong, National Taiwan University Vice President Zhang Shangchun, National Health Research Institute President Liang Gungyi, Food and Drug Administration General Director Wu Xiumei, Vaccine group convener Su Yiren, National Taiwan University Professor Chen Peizhe. Adimmune CEO Chan Chi Shean personally briefed the team on the current progress on the COVID-19 vaccine, the two teams discussed the laws and production plans for a COVID 19 vaccine, looking forward to a Taiwanse made COVID-19 vaccine will be available to the general public.

CEO Chan Chi Shean pointed out, as a disease prevention partner of the government, Adimmune supplied tens of millions of doses of vaccines during the H1N1 epidemic outbreak to help the Taiwanese people. During the current COVID-19 epidemic outbreak, Adimmune’s self developed COVID-19 candidate vaccine has progressed significantly, but Adimmune is aware of the risks of vaccine research and development, so there must be a backup plan, thus Adimmune is beginning international cooperation with the United States NIH, NIH will provide the biological regents for vaccine creation, ensuring the success rate for a COVID-19 vaccine.

Also, Adimmune, and the National Health Research Institute, has signed an agreement to develop a COVID-19 vaccine, by participating actively in the National Health Research Institute’s unit vaccine and DNA vaccine project, this is expected to accelerate vaccine development, helping reach the goal of vaccinating the entire population. Adimmune hopes to deliver the COVID-19 vaccine by next year to fulfill the promise of Taiwan first.