COVID-19 Epidemic drives demand for influenza vaccine

Adimmune Biotech Corporation(4142) April revenue came in at 5.01 million due to annual repair projects. Adimmune will recover production capacity starting from May, to meet the traditional vaccine peak season later this year.

Under the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, the demand of influenza vaccines has also risen considerably, many experts have already warned, everyone must be vaccinated this fall and winter, in order to prevent difficulties in diagnosis and other types of infection. This year Adimmune’s public serviced quadrivalent influenza vaccine shipment has reached 3.7 million doses, coupled with the newly added Thai influenza vaccine, total shipment is expected to be similar as last year; the self service quadrivalent vaccine doses also increased from last years ten thousand doses to sixty thousand doses this year. Also, the trivalent vaccine shipment sold to china has also increased by around six-hundred thousand doses.

Analysis shows, due to the deferred products from last year, this year 2020 Q1, Adimmune’s revenue came in at 367 million NTD, five times the same period(2019) last year. This is mostly due to the sales of the more profitable quadrivalent vaccine, thus the profit of Adimmune Q1 this year should be positive.