COVID-19 Vaccine proven effective, Adimmune COVID-19 vaccine antibody response is excellent

When the COVID-19 epidemic first broke out in January 2020, Adimmune invested it’s own resources into the research and development for a COVID-19 vaccine. COVID-19 vaccine is a brand new vaccine, due to its infectivity towards humans, research is difficult and must be done using inactivated viruses. After four months of sleepless research by the Adimmune team, a successful vaccine candidate has been produced, and undergone a vaccine antibody neutralization test at the laboratory of Professor Zhang Shuyuan at National Taiwan University, the results show that in mice serum injected with COVID-19, the mice antibodies reacted excentlly, and could trigger high-potency neutralizing antibodies, effectively limiting the potency of COVID-19, the diluted blood serum was enough to stop COVID-19 from staying infectious even after being strongly diluted. This marks a important milestone towards creating a Taiwanese made COVID-19 virus that can be human clinically trialed. Adimmune will next proceed to mass produce COVID-19 vaccine under GMP procedure and continue to complete follow-up toxicology tests as well as challenge tests.

The COVID-19 outbreak shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, and has led to countries around the world realizing the importance of a vaccine. Adimmune has recently discussed with TFDA/CDE how to enter human clinical trials under emergency use authorization as soon as possible under the premise of security and efficiency and has received CDE approval for listing Adimmune’s COVID-19 vaccine development project as part of the COVID-19 vaccine consultation plan.

Although influenza vaccines and the COVID-19 vaccine are produced using different technology and different factories’s production lines, Adimmune’s own cell culturing plant and contracted partners have the production equipment and energy, to provide enough does to fulfill domestic demand. Adimmune has complete intellectual property rights over all facets of production and will not be restrained by any third party or countries. Considering the importance of a viable COVID-19 vaccine to disease prevention and the recovery of socio economic activity, Adimmune hopes to obtain permission to begin first phase human clinical trials by Q3 this year.