Adimmune collaborates with the Taiwanese National Health Research Institute to accelerate research for Covid-19 vaccine

In order to assist the government in handling COVID-19, the Taiwanese National Health Research Institute as the supreme medical research facility in Taiwan, has deployed plans ahead of time to synthesize drugs and research a viable vaccine to deal with this epidemic. Adimmune possess professional vaccine research and production capacity, and has been a long time partner with the government of Taiwan when large scale epidemics occur, and has recently signed an agreement to cooperate with the Taiwanese National Health Research Institute, the agreement includes COVID-19 vaccine and reagent development, as well as researching the behaviour of the coronavirus in animals. Together, the two parties will accelerate vaccine development, adding another weapon to the nation’s defense against epidemics.

As the first professional human use vaccine company in Taiwan, Adimmune has the capability to research and produce vaccines from start to finish, Adimmune set up an ad hoc group to research a vaccine for COVID-19, currently Adimmune has completed sequencing the genome of COVID-19 as well as confirming the virus’s protein structure, and will begin animal research immediately after selecting a candidate for the vaccine.

In response to the rise of COVID-19, governments around the world have all put their time and energy into epidemic research and prevention, including the manufacturing of vaccines domestically. As a human use vaccine factory in Taiwan, Adimmune has cooperated with the Taiwanese government’s policies during previous epidemic outbreaks, developing and producing new vaccines to protect Taiwan. In 2003 when the SARS epidemic broke out, Adimmune immediately started research into vaccine development, and when only receiving 9 million NTD from government aid, the company invested its own funds into vaccine research and production; when the A/H1N1 epidemic erupted in 2009, Adimmune halted the regular seasonal flu vaccine production, and immediately started developing and produced 10 million doses of A/H1N1 vaccine, assisting the government in controlling the outbreak. This time dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak, Adimmune is once again investing resources into vaccine development, these are all steps Adimmune is willing to take because of Adimmune's desire to contribute to the national disease prevention of Taiwan.

Adimmune has been a long time partner of the Taiwanese National Health Research institute, and hopes that by cooperating during this epidemic, together we can accelerate vaccine research and development, providing the people of Taiwan with an effective vaccine to combat COVID-19.

In the several years since Adimmune has gone public, both the amount of orders and production amount for recombinant protein influenza vaccines have increased substantially, showing that not only is the demand for recombinant protein influenza vaccine rising, but also that the quality of this vaccine product is recognized by the public.

Last year(2019), Adimmune received the marketing authorization for quadrivalant flu vaccine in Thailand, completed the Quadrivalent influenza clinical trial in China, and signed a new CMO contract with Techdow Pharmaceutical, all demonstrating a clear growth in the company’s operation, coupled with the smooth production and shipping of Flublok vaccine, and the shipment of 4.1 million doses of the public tender Quadrivalent influenza vaccine, 2019’s company revenue and profit are expected to rise substantially.

Looking towards future operations, Adimmune has already begun construction on the second aseptic filling and finishing, once it is completed filling capacity will be increased tremendously, Adimmune is also starting the All Purpose Biotech Campus” plan to assist with the production of new vaccine products, laying the foundation for increased demand in the global market.