Adimmune Corporation monthly revenue hits new historical record again

Adimmune Biotech Corporation(4142), announced today that monthly revenue for January 2020 came in at 357 million NTD, hitting a new record for highest revenue in a single month, a 2,588.44% increase compared to the same period last year, and a thirty percent increase compared to last year’s 274 million NTD.       

In accordance with the worsening situation of Covid-19 (Novel coronavirus, 2019-nCoV), Adimmune has established an ad hoc group in order to research and develop a vaccine against Covid-19, hoping to finish development in the shortest amount of time, and cooperate with the Taiwanese government’s epidemic prevention policy of “Epidemic prevention should be regarded as a war, the government and the people should fight as one.

In the past few years, all around the world there have been several epidemics such as Ebola, ZIKA, MERS and the newly named COVID-19 Novel coronavirus. To date, COVID-19 has infected tens of thousands of people and caused hundreds of deaths. However, what is worth observing is this time, vaccine development for COVID-19 began just a couple of hours after its confirmation. Once the genetic code of the virus has been unraveled, scientists will be able to confirm the origin, mutation, symptoms and how the human body reacts to the virus very swiftly. This also means that in the future once a new virus is discovered, not only do the people need professional research organizations, they also need the government to provide support and policy changes.

Analysis shows that although COVID-19 will not bring immediate changes to Adimmune’s revenue, Adimmune has been certified as a vaccine manufacturer by both the European Union as well the United States, after this public health incident, cementing Adimmunes importance in the vaccine industry.

Currently Adimmune’s filling production lines are at max capacity, the second filling line is planned to be put into use by Q3 2021, and will bring filling capacity to 4 times the current amount, bringing a substantial increase in revenue. Considering the long term demand domestically and export opportunities, Adimmune has announce the “All Purpose Biotech Campus” plan, which will construct a new tetanus vaccine factory according to PIC/S GMP standards, which will be put into production in 2023, as well as a new cell culturing plant, more support and storage facilities, construction of new offices as well as quality control laboratories, these projects are all set to be completed by 2022 and 2023.