Adimmune Board of Directors passes plan to construct new factory Initiating the construction of “All purpose biotech campus”

Adimmune(4142) Board of Directors passed a plan on January 14th to begin the construction of a brand new “All Purpose Biotech Campus”, which will include a new cell culturing plant, tetanus vaccine factory, new storage facilities, as well as quality control laboratories and new offices, construction is set to finish in 2022 and 2023.

The main purpose of the “All Purpose Biotech Campus” plan is to construct a vaccine production facility that is more comprehensive and advanced, in order to lay a solid foundation for Adimmune’s future manufacturing needs, advent into global markets, as well as perfecting a more diversified production line.

Adimmune was the only producer of tetanus vaccines in Taiwan, however the original tetanus vaccine factory shut down in 2014. Considering the increased demand domestically and business opportunities abroad, Adimmune will construct a new factory catering to PIC/S GMP standards, with production of vaccines set to begin in 2023. The vaccines produced will not only be able to satisfy domestic demand, but will also be sold internationally, marking a new advent of Taiwanese produced vaccines in the global market.

Moreover, several Adimmune products currently in development, such as the enterovirus 71 vaccine coproduced with subsidiary Enimmune, Japanese encephalitis vaccine that is ready to enter human clinical testing, and other new types of vaccines, will all use cell culture production. Therefore, Adimmune plans on constructing a new cell culturing plant that is set to enter commercial mass production in 2023, in order to increase Adimmune's manufacturing capacity.

Currently Adimmune’s second aseptic filling and finishing production line is set to finish in 2021, filling capacity will increase multifold, and after signing a new deal with Adimmune's clients, the second production line’s commissioned products is also set to increase. In order to meet demands for both raw material and finished product storage, the “All Purpose Biotech Campus” plan includes construction of new logistics support buildings, in order to meet Adimmune's goals of increasing all round growth, Adimmune will also construct new raw material and finished product storage facilities, expand Adimmune's wastewater treatment plant, while also establishing new quality control laboratories and office spaces. These new support facilities are set to finish construction and be put into operation in 2021.

After the construction of these new factories, Adimmune will have a new all purpose modernized production facility, the capabilities of the facilities whether they are used for production of current products or the commission of foreign customers will be greatly elevated. The globalization of Adimmune corporation, a diverse range of goals, will all be bolstered by the “All Purpose Biotech Campus” plan. Adimmune will become one of the leading vaccine factories in the Asia-Pacific area, and bring Taiwan’s biotech production capabilities to new heights.