Adimmune's Quadrivalent Flu Vaccine Approved by TFDA

TAIPEI,Taiwan, May 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Taiwan-based vaccine provider Adimmune(4142.TT) successfully obtained approval of its quadrivalent flu vaccine(ADIMFLU-S(QIS)) from Taiwan FDA. Adimmune will start the commercial productionof quadrivalent flu vaccine in 2017 and supply the domestic out-of-pocket fluvaccine market. ADIMFLU-S(QIS) will provide superior protection and the companyexpects that the Taiwan government will subsequently begin procurement ofquadrivalent flu vaccine for its annual vaccination plan.

Quadrivalentflu vaccine will provide more comprehensive protection, by including anadditional strain of influenza B virus, compared with trivalent flu vaccine(designed to protect against three different flu viruses; two influenza Aviruses and one influenza B virus). It is expected to replace trivalent fluvaccine and become the predominant product in the flu vaccine market. Adimmunesold over 3 million doses of trivalent flu vaccine in Taiwan in 2016.

ADIMFLU-S(QIS)also completed its 3,000 subject Phase III clinical trial in Europe andAdimmune is planning to begin marketing in Europe once approval is obtained in2018.

Adimmuneis also planning to kick off its ADIMFLU-S(QIS) clinical trial in China afterTFDA's approval, and launch marketing campaigns once the China approval isobtained. Currently Adimmune's trivalent flu vaccine is approved by China FDAand has obtained market access to over 16 province/cities. ADIMFLU-S(QIS) willalso be a key product to penetrate other emerging markets.

Adimmune's2016 revenue was up 109% and 3-month revenue for 2017 was up 67% YoY. Thestrong growth is on the back of its new business line of the aseptic prefilledsyringe of Enoxaparin Sodium shipping to Europe.